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Tower blocks have been a widespread building type in modern Sweden. A slightly taller building that marks a central site. Another advantage is that it is a compact building type that can be built in hilly terrain.  

The building in the Stockholm suburb of Bagarmossen proposes a renewal of the genre. The design is based on platforms that can be rearranged. The residents buy a raw surface, almost like a building plot elevated into the air, which they can then develop within the parameters of the given platform. For example, installation joists provide a high degree of flexibility with regard to the placement of the kitchen and bathroom.

In this initial design, the platforms are intended for large flats in an area that is dominated by small and medium-sized dwellings. The goal is to achieve a better socioeconomic balance in the area.  

Despite the freedom available to the individual buyer, the building has a homogenous exterior expression, defined by the range of design options afforded the individual residents. Initially, these options apply only to the interior layout. 

The facade is a systems design where closed sections alternate with large glazed sections surrounding patios. The patios can be placed in a variety of pre-determined locations. Placing the glazed sections together creates interior courtyards that provide a private, sheltered zone, which lends the building some of the qualities associated with detached single-family homes. The courtyards make it possible to provide glazed apertures on a scale that is rarely feasible.


Size:  2500 m² (8 floors)
Program: Housing 
Location: Bagarmossen
Status: Proposal

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